Your song of the moment



Been on a The Midnight kick recently:

Used to post a lot of these my OH casts before The Dark Times.


the new vulfpeck album was mostly just fine imo but this one’s great





Her greatest hit tho:


No one was jamming footwork vocal loops into pop records then or really since


the new martha song predictably rules


Been a music nerd for so many years but never checked out the REAL music nerd genre of Dub, and thus never realized that it all sounds like the Earthbound soundtrack


Hirokazu Tanaka foundational document


and it rules


It’s the holidays


The best soul song, with a pretty great message:

God I love Terry Callier.


seapunk is back, baby


Been waiting for the inevitable Seapunk resurgence. A great aesthetic in search of a coherent musical style that never came.


I’ve been doing the baaaackstroke


seapunk is dead

long live ⓐⓠⓤⓐⓖⓞⓣⓗ


I just want to point out that this static image of Jason Momoa is the Official Video for the song


found the end credits song from this movie