Your song of the moment


This was the only thing keeping me awake on that drive



What’s your favorite Megadeth album out of curiosity


I don’t know them very well! I only started listening to a few of their songs in the last couple months. So I guess Rust in Peace? Isn’t that supposed to be the really good one?


I mean, it’s too bad about Dave Mustaine turning into a reactionary truther-y asshole though.


new 88glam is like eating a giant jar of jelly beans


manga artist suehiro maruo compiled a giant playlist of music. obviously haven’t gone through everything yet but so far it’s all gems


Hope I’m that cool when I’m 62


Oh no


Oh fuck, I just remembered I had something for this thread that wasn’t just about how Metallica actually owns for three albums in the 80’s and then one album with bad production which is like a half-own but I think I forgot it.


I really enjoyed this conversation in the top comments.




crimewave still reigns supreme if you ask me… ah, good times that were in w4tchd0gs tsu.

i linked the good, the bad and the queen a few days ago, and they put out what i would assume is half/all of their upcoming(?) new album, and it managed to grab all my attention and be in my head for the last few days for now.

and to top it off, we got a batch of borderline creepy vids for them also!
Great stuff, highly recommended to listen to. Now.

*top creepiness honors of 2018 go to this song/mv combo:

if you liked that, go watch/listen to more of their new songs on their ytube page!


this makes me wanna go protest scientology in a guy fawkes mask


The first one I bought was Cryptic Writings, so I really like that one even though most people are indifferent.


still putting out great songs



heard this at the grocery store and suddenly I was watching cipher and siva again…