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my favorite cleaners song:


Good for you, Kate Bush! An interesting concept, replacing a horribly disgraced guest star on an album’s remaster. It helps that his guest vocals were the worst part of the song. If the vinyl is available outside the box set I’m definitely going to pick it up. This is my favorite Kate Bush album.

A great track that DOESN’T have a sex monster on it:


In other news: DAMN, this music video’s Fritz Lang pastiche aesthetic is tops!


yes and also







i was ranting at my friend the other day about how you can rip on Florence all you want but she went from ‘omg i fell out of a tree’ to ‘domesticity tho’ in only four albums when it took Mum like 10 and a decade hiatus AND turning Tory, but Aerial still owns

anyway Florence! i kinda love how relatively weird this video is

cool music videos

I saw Florence once at a music festival after Lungs came out and while i had listened to it a few times, I thought it was just alright. However, seeing her live was like a religious experience. I am not a religious person but still. Just absolutely wrecked me. Could have been being out in the sun all day and hearing it during a sunset but it killed me dead.




Back from Bumpass, I’m bumping the ultimate melancholy travel song:



Etc etc