Your song of the moment




She’s back



(file this one under ‘allegedly happy songs that coincidentally would also make the perfect soundtrack to a nervous breakdown/manic episode if played at the correct volume’)

(also what is the deal with this video…???)

(have i already posted this in this thread?)


harrison is my favourite but its hard to argue with this ridiculous album cover


he’s baaaack


just want you to know that i’m still obsessed with this song




this is great, thank you




You’re welcome! Such a vibrant cover, even better than the original imo.

If you’re not familiar with Self, this album’s pretty neat being recorded mostly with toy instruments, but I also recommend checking out their first “Subliminal Plastic Motives” (very mid 90s alterna-rock in a fresh vein). Or “Breakfast with Girls” for some varied poppy production.



I can’t hear this without thinking of my new favorite youtuber, RTGame, erupting a volcano of poop in cities skylines.


and yes i’m basic don’t @ me



there’s sth about fall when the sun is hitting tree tops w/o leaves and you see the brsnches bathed in orange/red’ish colors, that makes me feel like Fallout4, and inevitably, this song comes to mind - as it did yesterday, and it still sticks around:

somehow, the game managed to create a mental link to recurring imagery for me, it seems!
could be a worse song tho, so that’s still cool.


it makes me think of Whisper of the Heart


listening to the entire record on repeat today