Your song of the moment




I swear, every time Kero Kero Bonito release a new album, it’s always way better than their previous. They’re on quite a trajectory.


but they’ve always been great

obsessed with this song/video


i saw them live last month and they put on a great show!


There is so much joy in the lead singer of the 1975 dancing around like an idiot and having such a good time doing it.

Also, this was uploaded 3 hours ago and it’s pretty fun


I’m a big doofus for posting so many Momus songs all the time but this song is a real hidden gem.

Love the lyrics:

Are the labels on Turkish cigars secret messages from the Byzantine Empire?
Which are the saunas most favoured by singers in the soft rock idiom?

Is the washing still flapping all night behind buildings
Where car factory workers are dreaming of foxgloves and incubae?


Sorry to amun amuth again but god if I heard two seconds of the intro to this song it gets stuck in lt head all day


This entire OST is fantastic but this tune really got into me:


cute australian band

and a less cute but probably smarter NZ band


Yeah, man: this



I typically like the music you post; glad I could give back!


rly into adult mom atmmmmmmoment


the most recent release from waka flocka flame is incredible



You should hang out on the next time we do it!

I mean, everyone should!


really digging some of the instrumentals on this


hot fucking dance fire



my band played with the Goon Sax once! real sweeties

my mates released an E.P. that’s just perfect listening for getting dumped during Venus retrograde