Your song of the moment


This song owns but it sounds like something your corny elementary school art teacher would have made. It sounds like Kate Bush if she’d gone Tory at age 30 instead of 50. It sounds like the theme song to a public library puppet show. This song is currently playing on the boombox on a picnic table on arts and crafts day at 20 different christian summer camps.


I was eight years in old 1999 so I’m allowed to love this


i was 17 so i definitely don’t


The two singers were 7 and 4 so you’re ahead of the curve


god paramore is so good. all of their albums are totally solid.


god is real


Davidprod are very powerful


I find this better than other nostalgia music video types, Charli XCX et all put some effort into it.


how can you be fixated on a Tango in the Night song and have it not be Everywhere

also i came in here to say i tried to change but im back on my bullshit

fucked up my fleetwood mac album titles someone punish me



love a good west asian/transcaucasus bop


you must have loved the Ukrainian eurovision winner


Everywhere slaps hard too, it was my introduction to Tango In the Night.

I think I’m obsessed with Big Love because it sounds vaguely like the Rondo of Blood soundtrack and it feeds my fantasy of a Fleetwood Mac themed Castlevania clone.

Also Shake Some Action is such an incredible song.


lmaoooo why does this exist but also it slaps bayng bayng



The 1975 has never been subtle.