Your song of the moment


That album you’re looking for is available on Soulseek, which is a strangely relevant and useful tool in 2018. Check your PMs shortly.


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tbh I should probably get back on soulseek


it’s honestly funny to me that i still use soulseek. i’ve used soulseek for like 14 years at this point! and it’s still the fucking best!



can never get enough of d double e




Pop music is good sometimes (or at least I think this is good and I enjoy it)


really into anatolian microtonal music recently, specifically Kara Toprak (Black Earth)


That lady I saw over the weekend said this song was all over during her childhood, idk, I like it a lot actually


Forgot how much I love this track


not really the right thread but

I love the C64 bubble bobble music so much, it sounds like if an organ grinder was in New Order


why are C64 soundtracks always so extra




now imagine having grown up with those OSTs and what it does… to your soul.


current traxx on heavy rotation:

… a mixed bag, as usual!




Wow I’m still listening to this song??