Your song of the moment


yeah she has a really…i was gonna say “organic” but thats a kinda obnoxious choice of words so uh she’s got a natural way of putting things that i think is great. her vocals and the big bright guitars mean i always wanna listen to some tiger trap or the softies when i’m done.



The early Belle & Sebastian EPs are so good, they really hit the ground running.








im v glad ski mask is like a goofy weirdo and not just yet another emo rapper BUT this song is so good and it rly makes me want more like this from him, also the footage in the vid is good.
its like such a tantalising song, i remember when the tape came out that had this on i thought this song was so good that it made all the other songs bad bc i was looking at this one as like the middle point that all the other songs were branching out from, when actually this song is really out of place on that tape and the rest are all goofy ski mask rapping about tissues and snot with weird flows and looking back its 1. because the song is so good that it demands ur attention in a way the other songs dont but also 2. its very easy to understand the mood of the song and place it in a broader milieu of emo rap, whereas that album was rly him branching away from that into his own style and i think i wasnt expecing that tbh so i latched onto this song cause it was familiar and also so so so powerful

(and 3. im a dumbass)


Starts as a relaxing love song, takes a weird turn about halfway through and becomes a blistering indictment of the way 20th century colonial powers stole priceless artifacts from other cultures and put them in museums.


This kinda ticks me to delve more into his library.

I saw Thomas Dolby sometime in '06 opening with BT. Seemed a lot of people were anxious for heavier dance/trance but once they chilled out enough to appreciate the legend performing for them and BT’s electro-symphonic opus, attentions were tuned into a great show. I think there was a a tie-in with Deviantart for some pre-show art display, which came off kinda weird but worked in the tone of it all.


I’m jealous you saw him live! I’m a huge Thomas Dolby fan.

His albums dramatically vary in quality, but all of them have at least one or two legendary tracks. Budapest by Blimp is the one stone cold classic from what is definitely his worst album, Aliens Ate My Buick. Most of that record is 90’s swing revival garbage, but I guess he couldn’t help putting in the one long-form introverted atmospheric synthpop track.

I’d rank his albums this way:

The Flat Earth
The Golden Age of Wireless (make sure you get the reissue with the bonus tracks, they’re mostly really good too)

Astronauts and Heretics

A Map of the Floating City (last three tracks are the best)

Aliens Ate My Buick (seek out Budapest by Blimp. The Ability to Swing is way too corny but it’s kind of ok)
The Gate to the Mind’s Eye soundtrack (“Valley of the Mind’s Eye” is a very pretty love song, the rest can go in the trash)

Steve McQueen
From Langley Park to Memphis
Jordan: The Comeback


been obsessed with this band but I can’t find their second full length anywhere


At least according to Discogs, they only had one full length? What is the second one you are looking for called?


I guess technically the album I posted from is an EP? The full length is called loves you loves you not


Yeah, that one looks like it comes before the EP, and no idea where that one is. Spotify has that EP and another one from them, but nothing else. It looks like people are selling the CD through Discogs for like 5 bucks, but since I am at work, can’t exactly look for more…uh…“low cost” versions.


I’m not in any good torrent sites anymore :expressionless:


Looks like apparently some of the members of this band are GbV/Breeders/Dayton Ohio connected, per the label. So that is something else.


guitar player was the original guitarist for brainiac. that’s how I found them.