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Ra Ri Ru Re Gu



i watched the second coming shortly before i heard this song. i don’t remember if it was any good, but i really liked eccleston’s accent, so whatever!


I still can’t believe this exists:

There was a lot of cool cross-pollination between Elephant 6 and Shibuya-kei in the 90’s but this is probably the weirdest collaboration. The Olivia Tremor Control’s songwriting and backing music is great, but I’m really not a fan of Kahimi Karie’s weird whispering toddler singing style.

I’ve heard it said that somewhere there are demos of the Olivia Tremor Control fully performing these songs with their own vocals. I am dying to hear them. I can totally picture Bill Doss and Will Cullen Hart singing these melodies.

I gotta give Kahimi Karie credit for one thing, this music video from the EP is pretty cool:



Kahimi karie music is ineffebly perverted, I adore her.


At least part of that is that a bunch of her songs were written by the “tender pervert” Momus, but unfortunately it’s a little less charming when it comes out of a big weird hetero white dude’s mouth.


music to rock the nation





New Carly Rae Jepsen album dropped. It’s amazing.




Yeah Mars Volta are still good

Some of the most kickass rock n roll songwriting surrounded by dumb noise no one could care about

Name a harder core ass song than this


For my birthday, a buddy of mine gave me a vinyl copy of maudlin of the Well’s best album, Part the Second. I donated $20 to the creation of this record a decade ago, when the band was crowdfunding via the internet long before it became mainstream. They didn’t offer “backer rewards” back then, so I got only the satisfaction that I’d helped a great record get made. It’s really cool to have a physical copy of it now.

“There’s some kind of azure dust on your pillow…” Such pretty, mysterious, otherworldly music.



aftershock of Russian Doll, the netflix series…


I’ve treated these discs so badly but they still roll w/me on some long drives.

8:16 SiLC – In Heaven
27:50 SiLC – Delirious
41:22 Ming & FS – Boogiepop Me Up
53:22 Sadesper Record –Torso

47:20 Sugar Plant – A Furrow Dub
01:13:42 Rei Harakami – Pone


Summer 2011. delivering pizzas with this album on repeat. every. fucking. day. good times.