Your song of the moment



Oh hey this is my favorite one






I got this album as it came out in parts then finally the full cd release in April. This 4 hit combo makes up the middle third I keep returning to, fav part of Keiji Yamagishi’s roller coaster.


I just remembered that this song existed and it is destroying me right now.

Secret best Pink Floyd album. Funny how something this great gets completely… well, obscured… in such a huge discography.


momentum fulfulled, fault in the viewer’s eyes
path unperturbed as if we should apologise



Song begins at 0:30



melodically this is like hearing the background noise of my brain played back to me, it’s kind of surreal. could understand some finding it too simple/predictable, but it just felt like a rollercoaster that kept on going the right way


i remembered this parody i loved from years ago when i was in college (and my a capella group did the actual song lol) but did not realize until watching the video that Olde English consisted of the creator of Bojack and the Adam who ruins everything. It was a nice “oh that’s where they went, good for them” moment except backwards




new ot


the butcher
the baker
the candlestick maker