Your song of the moment


Got a little organ theme today.

This organ is like 3 stories tall. Also, cool sunrise lighting effect. However, I don’t like how they devolve into smashing noise after such a cool performance. So, you can stop it after the “sun” rises.

I’m a Larkin Poe fan. Some organ in this one. This is the closer on their recent album. All of the “lead” guitar is actually a Richenbacker lap steel

Here’s the same song, stripped down and live.


There’s a lot of tracks y’all have shared here I keep meaning to comb back through, so big listen hours soon.

I just caught this new Beck, sounds like a tack driven through a good few pages of his songbook by some signature Pharrell production (the snappy snare and high end “plink” synth).

4 months out from finally catching him in Tampa, after 20 years of few (nearby) chances. I’ll be getting a special kind of stoked.


Gimme that Japanese bossa nova chillout music


another entry in the ‘why did ytube suggest this’-list that ended up staying around and leaves me puzzled why it did pitch this to me in the first place:





Love them. Wish they would get back together. She’s always re-arranging songs and playing around with styles. So cool.


I’m obsessed with this band but particularly this oft forgotten EP







Reminds me of Hole, no pun intended




And here’s a pic of Christian playing with his solo band the other night:

Google Photos

Edit: I wish discourse or whatever didn’t crop the bottom off the shot but oh well 🤷