Your song of the moment


this is a good assed song


I was just researching giallo soundtracks and got this song randomly recommended to me on YouTube. It RULES.

Also had some excellent comments:



You’ve reminded me again of music for, not exactly existing Giallo

And shiiiiit! in rare form I let this release slip by. Tetragrammaton it’s good.


Bass God Tal Wilkenfeld came out with a new album where she writes and sings and doesn’t always play bass. Pretty nice little grunge vibe, here:

*Nah, let’s listen to H.E.R.



That Secret Chiefs 3 giallo album rules. I’d also fallen off of their music lately. I’m gonna have to check this new one out!


Listened to this on a cloudy warm spring day w/ my childhood best friend drinking moscato and talking about our feelings


There are whole weeks when I can’t get this out of my head

One of the greatest antiwar songs of all time


So many people can’t express what’s on their minds
Nobody knows them and nobody ever will
Until their backs are broken and their dreams are stolen
And they can’t get what they want then they’re gonna get angry

Well it ain’t written in the papers, but it’s written on the walls
The way this country is divided to fall
So the cranes are moving on the skyline
Trying to knock down this town

But the stains on the heartland, can never be removed
From this country that’s sick, sad, and confused



This song is helping me get up this morning. Love Cornelius’s production on it, and the cute, kitschy video.


how does this exist :0


this song is about me because i ate horse today



song about five-time formula one champion juan-manuel fangio reminiscing about the time he was kidnapped before the cuban grand prix, asked a lot of questions about how cool he was, and then immediately set free.





bright candles in the manor where the curse takes hold
bodies reassembling down where the worms crawl, make your own friends when the world’s gone cold
it gets dark and then, i feel certain i am going to rise again
If not by faith, then by the sword, i’m going to be restored


from some rock compilation i found - “the long goodbye - dawn of understanding”