Your song of the moment


Primal and kinda witchy

Fantastically Doomy



broadcast are so good. trish had one of my favourite singing voices


Brass Against been killing it, lately. and bringing the Trombone solos.

In this one, they have the Trombone mic’d through a synth wah!



this is such a good version of this tune!

please give it a chance


I spent a lot of the day in traffic


i was trying to figure out what the fuck virus buster serge was and i found a youtube clip of Japanese TV commercials and it started with a commercial for a song by Dragon Ash (I was like, hey! like, battle royale?) that has the lyrics, “rainy day and day yeah YEEAAAH you don’t FACKING go awaaay”, which entertained me.

(i can’t be sure, but it sounds like it starts with “rainy day and day yeah WHY DON’T YOU CRY MOTHER FUCKER!”)


Oh man Dragon Ash, right before I made the Battle Royale connection (what was the name of the ending song…My Friends?) I happened to buy a couple cds from a con man’s (as in convention dealer) recommendation: “oh you dig J and want some raps? U like this!”

Picked up that ^ album, the one with their name written in DRAGON QUEST font and Viva La Revolution. Still love 'em even though I realized at least for a while, they were straight up aping Smashing Pumpkins sound + thunder chugg rap rock.


i should probably listen to more dragon ash, i liked both songs of theirs i’ve heard.

here they are performing shizuka na hibi no kaidan wo from battle royale

and he’s got the band logo with the dragon quest font on his shirt that you were talking about!


Hell yeah I’d have to dig back for what I really liked but looking around yt now there’s some stuff I remember:

Love that stretch-looped sample

Hard to find the exact details on this one now but it has members of Dragon Ash Rip Slyme and I think 1-2 other groups:

There’s already super Pumpkins sounding guitar and production work in their 90s stuff, when I heard this sample Today was like…aight no shame

Honestly I’d occasionally find them bit too blatantly cornball ripping from western styles but so is the way of things overall, I kinda feel an obligation to upload some discs (even if they might get struck down)


couple of bass masters fusing styles

La Luz being peak La Luz

Jean Grae & Quelle Chris





thx toups the whole album is pretty chill too!


felt like listening to an album i played religiously as a moody teen





7th june - 21st april