Your song of the moment



jon wurster on the drums!



And this:





This really sounds like a Hiroki Kikuta song and I love it:


I keep coming back to this song because it’s good. Got a real hazy summer nostalgia vibe to it


Yeah that is exactly the sound, real curious about the credits/production. Nice



music video for the VHS board game Atmosfear

Ever since we recorded the snexploration squad ep on this I’ve had this garbage stuck in my head. It’s about 15% better of a song than it strictly needed to be.


don’t say or do anything once 2:49 hits




I been a big fan of them for a long time. So excited they got a functioning reboot of the band after like 6 years of hiatus. They had a new release last year.

Here’s Japanese instrumental metal band, Asterism. The guitarist and bassist were 16 during this first vid. I think the drummer was 19.

and a vid from this year, so 17 now…


Audiotree has a series called “Far Out” and its pretty great. The locales often lend a cool aesthetic to the mood and the mixing is fantastic. I’ve listened to a few bands whom I otherwise wouldn’t like/don’t like any way else.

I do like Emma Ruth Rundle, however. (She’s the singer from Marriages). Her vocal style between songs can be kinda samey. But I really like this one. Especially over a speaker system:



new plaid


damn that is one abstract custom smash ultimate stage