Your song of the moment


I don’t know anything about deadmau5, but I had a good time with this song back when it came out because it’s based on a fun, dark Ray Bradbury story I read in middle school.



like all bands from san diego i like except for isaac rother, these guys look like people i want to rob


just look at that hair





this album is great. i bought a friend a copy of it once and in response i was hugged so hard they broke the watch i was wearing


Rly wanna just post every track on back from the dead 2


Is this my fault?




I have no idea what my mind and brain are doing this morning:

woke up, and this monsieur suddenly started to chant his hypnotic melody in yours truly brain, and i am





have I posted this yet

everyone pls listen to this I feel like it’s generally in the alley of things sb tends to like


wolfmother is a band that produces really good music occasionally, but even the best of their songs slips from my mind like a greased hairless lemming slipping through the fingers of a hapless wizard

on the other hand, that means that repeat listenings are all the more exciting because i’m like

I forgot about these good songs





this bitrate, the tones, the direction of this video, its all deep solarpunk