Your song of the moment


in an anime banger mood today



won’t get none of your cds back


sometimes it’s necessary


glen campbell looks like a piece of ham but boy can he shred


i idolized bryan ferry for a period as a teenager.


I might have already posted this yet it’s a new moment


I’ve probably also posted this before but these lyrics get me every time, especially the bit where it gets all jumbled up at the end.


this is probably my favorite gary neueman song. i really like this video, though, because the drummer is jamming the fuck out while everyone else are robotic.

the drummer really shines in this video, though:



mine too


technically video game related content

here’s the remix


thinking a lot about this track which is just some pretty harmonies, some brief spoken cantonese and your man sullenly repeating “rapping is a lifestyle/do you know what the fuck i’m saying?” in a tone that approaches mild but is slightly tamer than mild.


triad god is goat


biribiri da da da

(i think this is some catholic shit, but it’s still catchy)


this sounds like the exact conceit of Onra’s Chinoiseries, have you heard those?





Been listening to it over and over again since it first came out, probably tens of thousand of times by now. At some point it became the theme of a character in one of my video game concepts, which led to me listening to it even more.