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what the hell are you doing to the Youtube recommendations i get on this device:


Happy 20th birthday to maybe my favorite album of all time!

The musique concrete style production in this thing is nuts. In this song, they add 2 acoustic guitars to the mix now and then over the course of the song, until there are 10 playing at the end.

The band even let me use a song from this album in the credits of my film for free. They’re super nice people.


this was one of my favorite music videos when i was 15 lol



Is that the one where they liked the acoustic demo of the song so much they just put it on top of the full band track? So you hear the song in its rawest form and most developed form simultaneously.

Such a great band. RIP Bill Doss.


Art Style Light Trax soundtrack is incredible.

There’s more.



in 1972, at age 19, Tats dropped out of Meiji University and self recorded a collection of American hits with his middle school pal Susumu Namiki and other.

Original released on Surfin’ Rabbit Studio, 1972, ltd 100 copies.
Limited 1985 reissue available in the record shop Pied Piper House or through mail-order only.


Four months later Happy End is over after an arguably failed attempt to capture the American magic at its source. A couple years later Yamashita does the same. Niagara Triangle Vol.1 and Pacific, officially anointed by both Japanese John and Japanese Paul as the one true boy.


I have been SoundCloud-hopping (surfing trough an artist’s related artists) a lot this week but haven’t been able to enter into a modern-trance loop. For example something like BIGOTE but for trance/rave. I guess this exists?


old macdonald had a farm and then he had another
and then he had another and another and another


back on my information society kick


i watched the movie “Hotel Artemis” on an airplane recently and it was kind of boring, but it has this buffy sainte marie cover of Helpless on the soundtrack and it







oh my god


Yes they are, I went to school at UGA and used to chat with John Fernandes when he was on shift at the local record store. He’s always super positive and friendly.

OTC still sounds ahead of its time; such incredibly dense music.


quick aside: john fernandes is one of the very nicest people i’ve ever met. bought quite a few CDs and vinyl from wuxtry in my time in athens, and he was always incredibly sweet and helpful. also wuxtry athens has the very very very very best playlists, and he would post what they were playing in the store that day on his facebook


I didn’t know that! : /


John Fernandes is a super sweetheart, it’s true. I saw him smoking outside the venue at an Olivia Tremor Control show when they had that reunion tour in like 2012, and he was the nicest, most approachable guy. Some time later he actually added me on Facebook, probably because I commented on a post by the Olivia Tremor Control account. He’s great on there, always posting what’s playing in his record store and updates about whatever musical projects he’s working on.

I’ve actually met the whole band, some of them a few times, because I knew someone who was a friend of theirs and would host them for house shows and such. They’re all super nice and very humble. I had a really long, awesome conversation with Julian Koster at a house show once, it was great.


Used to see him walking his dog around my neighborhood, we chatted once but I never had the courage to tell him “Takeshi and Elisha” brings me to tears when I listen to it.