Your song of the moment


I still can’t figure out whether this album is problematic, but I can’t get enough of that weird ass bass playing. It sounds like it came from an extraterrestrial culture or something. Also Tim Rogers cribbed his entire style off the cover of this record.


yeah japan are an extremely weird band and i have no idea about the kind of mindset their, uh, stylistic interests come from but i used to go to a cafe that would play the song “ghosts” from that album over the speakers a lot and it made for a very strange atmosphere in which to eat whatever depressing sandwich i had bought that day.


TIL Mark Fisher owned a cafe (not really, but one of his books is basically inspired specifically by Ghosts).


haha i mean, he did teach at goldsmiths and said cafe wasn’t far from there. i don’t think he was a regular lecturer by the time i was eating those sandwiches though


It would be very funny if that cafe playing Ghosts over and over again was actually the inspiration to him. That can be headcanon, sure.


this album owns


It is so wild to me that “Ghosts” was a chart topping single. What was happening in England in 1982?


I just assume it’s always like that over there


I love this album a lot! idk if there’s any non-orientalist read of it, so I guess that makes it a problematic fave. David Sylvian’s first solo album and the Ryuichi Sakamoto collaborations also rule, imo. the collaborations w holger czukay from can are also kinda cool? but Mick Karn’s bass playing is such a huge part of what makes Japan good. he’s done a lot of studio work but the only thing I can remember right now is that he’s on the kate bush song heads we’re dancing, which rules.


Woah, I did not realize that was Karn on Heads We’re Dancing! But now that you point it out, it’s so clear. He’s definitely the best part of that song. Also very funny to bring it up while talking about problematic faves, since it’s literally a song about accidentally dancing with Hitler at a dinner party. The ultimate party foul!


google putting the Konami code on their controller got me onto a moldy peaches kick

I love this album, I was so mad when they used it in Juno. that’s why I had to marry a gen Xer



feelin this hard

it’s an french-asian person trying to create a weird super-oriental sound in this release, like an asia that exists only in the minds of the west

it sounds a lot like a video game

like that snare sound that he’s throwing in as an accent every once in a while might as well be sampled from a beat em up


great news!



Karn is why I’m building a fretless bass atm


I think about this song all the time.

This whole soundtrack had power, to me, but there was something about this track that always felt… I don’t know what the word is. Like a combination of pensive and apprehensive.



and this one has haunted my life for almost 20 years


it is unguarded too


Not sure why it popped into my head this morning, but it’s been there ever since