Your song of the moment


tbh it always seemed to me like a great bunch of lads got jealous of interpol trying to lay claim to early new order’s legacy better than anyone else had in a while and it was all downhill from like 2003


i just checked wikipedia and Bright Lights aside all my favourite stuff came out in 04/05 so you’re DEAD WRONG buddy

like c’mon Slow Hands is still goosebumps


you know what you’ve done by linking me to this post, you’ve gotten the song stuck in my head again!


and by replying you’ve done the same!



Today was a really hellish, busy day at work and i was rushing all over the place stressed out, and this was stuck in my head the entire goddamn time


Billy Idol not lookin’ like the washed up rockstar I’d expect.


Hadn’t thought about this one in ages and love it, thank you.



new kool ad has 100 tracks, bc i guess that’s his thing



Drivin’ SAFE to family visits.







:dancer: :dancer:



that’s probably my favorite la roux song. i love her hair so much.