Your song of the moment




getting back into some motoro faam


definitely the anthem for the mass alt-woke/left-accelerationist movement that i hope happens in 8 years




what a sample



Massive attack 100th window
Mad professor no protection
Blue daisy the Sunday gift
Bass that fills the whole world up. Bass that becomes air


haven’t listened to the whole album but i do love this song, a lot

i also love that the backstory behind this record is old mate got mugged for the first time in his life









This song is rly interesting imo. It has so many flourishes. Future bragging about his wealth by saying he has an iPhone 6 in a song released in January 2019! His wild delivery of “well I can’t love her / like she need me”. The delivery of “the riches the riches the riches” is so classic Future it feels like him flexing his ability to fold the whole dynamic of wealth and depression over again and again and again until it’s like a fine dough. The mochi of trap anguish.

Yet somehow the song doesn’t amount to much. It feels like he is emulating emo rap in some of his vocals, and the structure feels appropriately messy. There isn’t really a second verse, it’s just hooks and bridges weaving in and out of each other, like a trippie redd song. The “It’s so hard, it’s so hard, these perkys keep me sad” but sounds straight up like an emo rap melody to me.

Idk I like this song. It’s maybe unfinished but it might be my favourite on this album.

Edit apparently he says out of zone 6 not iPhone 6 which makes a lot of sense but it sure sounds like iPhone 6 and I like that better


this entire album is fun times


woah this is amazing!


just-post-velvet revolution shoegaze from the czech republic