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against all odds i’m getting back into Radiohead the past few days, I was an obsessive fan as a teen and followed everything they did up to Hail to the Thief, whose title still makes me cringe. I really like Videotape off In Rainbows and other than that nothing they have done since has really moved me.

But I have been revisiting some tracks of Amnesiac and because of this Youtube recommendations taught me that they finally recorded an official version of Man o war, which has a music video and everything?

This song absolutely rips and they had been performing it live occasionally since the 90’s. I really like the studio version too. The video is like something that would have been made in the OKC era. I thought Radiohead would be too self-conscious for anything this nostalgia pandering, but there you have it I guess.

Is moon shaped pool worth listening to? Have they done any albums or whatever since then?


I am not a big fan but have you seen the world’s most expensive youtubes of them sitting outside with a Roland cr78? those are pretty good I think.


For the 20th Anniversary of OK Computer they released a remastered/bonus version entitled OKNOTOK. It is a two disc set with the second set being official versions of unreleased songs and b-sides off of various OK Computer singles.

Moon Shaped Pool is kinda all over the place, mainly because I think half the songs were ones they had sitting around half-written for ages. Burn the Witch was the first single and was pretty okay.


King of Limbs was ok but it lacked pathos. I was able to put it on at a birthday party and have to blend right in as chill trip hop background music, so you know that’s a bad sign.

Moon Shaped Pool was better but I honestly kind of forgot it existed. It’s definitely not up there with their best, but I liked it enough that I’m glad you reminded me of it. I’m gonna go back and give it another listen.


kid a will always be the best one, but i have found my opinion of httt to be gradually rising over time. that’s the one i’m most likely to dig out and just listen to.


What are the best songs on it? I haven’t heard it in years and I’m afraid if I just start at the beginning I’ll tune it out

Those also came up in the recs, I’m going to check them out later today.

Yeah, I did listen to the rerecorded version of True Love Waits, I guess that was the beginning of their nostalgia thing they’re on now. I like the idea of them revisiting old songs but with their current production sensibilities.

I actually forgot this existed too. I think I’ve gone from being like, an obsessive die-hard fan, to actively ignoring them on purpose out of embarrassment at my ignorant youth or whatever, to being able to accept now that they are probably a cool bunch of folks that have crazy talent and like, nothing left to prove really. If they want to put out a boring record from time to time that’s fine.

I think I’m just sad that I was never personally able to like start a rock band with my art school mates and achieve global fame and yet still feel the pains of recognizing that reality is dismal and fame only makes it worse, seems like a chill life


httt is great because my favorites are completely different now than when i first heard it. i used to love “we suck young blood” and “wolf at the door” but these days i’m more partial to “there there” and “myxomatosis”

idk the whole thing is pretty great and range-y and silly and powerful

it’s the only record where they sound like they are having the slightest amount of fun, and that makes it fun. it doesn’t threaten me with emotional devastation like listening to KA or OKC can, but that’s OK. i have listened to those albums enough and i don’t really feel like revisiting them too often; i absorbed what they had to offer so completely that they are husk-like in retrospect.

httt doesn’t even come close to giving me the chills that kid a gave me in high school, but i still find it eminently listenable in a way that i don’t find with any of their other records. it’s in kind of the goldilocks zone, i guess?

yeah idk, i don’t have coherent thoughts about radiohead. it’d be like trying to have coherent thoughts about earthbound. not gonna happen from me.


real talk though thom yorke put me onto autechre and that is easily worth as much as any recording radiohead could have made themselves


You were making me want to revisit a lot of Radiohead, woooooops Autechre is in the lead.


Godspeed, Mark.
His music still touches something inside me, and there are some goodish cover versions of his songs out there, so i guess he’s done pretty good for a proclaimed one hit wonder.


those last three talk talk albums have some of my all-time favourite songs. feels strange to say i never got around to his solo record while he was still alive. RIP Mark.


i am reminded that radiohead still have the very best b-sides