Your song of the moment


I hadn’t heard this guy, great song! Thanks same to you!



dot hack sigh


this isn’t really a song of the moment. but remember that time in the early 90s when billy idol was freaking out about his failing career and image so he turned to the three coolest movies from the 1980s he could think of to rip off for the music video that would reveal Billy Idol 2.0 to the 1990s: Burst City, Tetsuo the Iron Man, and Videodrome?

also, the crashing television noise at the beginning is probably biting from the theme song from tetsuo the iron man, which repeats the sound of smashing glass and is a much better song than this billy idol song.

so this is my real song of the moment.


this beat sounds like something youd make in 10 minutes and go lmao this is dumb af
it is amazing
and it is called gargoyle serenade


I cannot believe how much that owns


I know almost nothing about hip hop but somehow I have always known that E-40 owns


This is a peak even in a pretty great career


DJ Sprinkles is so cool. This album is a documentary about the history of house music as a queer empowerment movement, and it takes the form of a really good house record. It’s a very cool idea and it works really well. It pulls you right in and makes you feel like a part of it.






creep creeps also tbh


I have a coworker who has a case where this video got the cops a search warrant

Is this track worth a gun arrest y / n

EDIT special attention @american2004



What, how is that video any different to most rap videos



Well it isn’t, it’s just these gentlemen are easily identifiable, are legally forbidden from possessing firearms and left enough markers in the video to specifically identify the apartment

Also, cops only find a work ethic when they can “get” some person who they aesthetically identify as a “thug”, and kind of shrug off investigations of incidents of actual violence


lyrics go a bit too much into detail at the end, so ymmv.
to even out the sappyness of numbero uno, austrians to the rescue!