Your song of the moment


I always thought this song was by ABBA and because of that forgot that it actually went this hard this video is fucking me up


v impressive vocals on this


vtuber anthem


are you implying abba doesn’t go hard??


no details
but i’m gonna persuade you


the best band of all time


first time i see good rap in portguese-from-portugal. so cool




ABBA slaps but this version is amazing

wait I thought someone else did this too

it was Boney M all along but I swear I heard it from another artist


it was Turisas LOL. Idk how my brain confused the two



Been listening to a compilation of random pop songs Haruomi Hosono produced for other pop musicians, and this one stuck out. It’s got the best melancholy mid-2000’s vibe.

I guess it was recorded for some anime movie’s soundtrack?


Oh is that Vexhille where the back claims BALLS TO THE WALLS ACTION?

I gave my DVD to some SBer and they said they would make a joke post about it and they never did they never did.


Pretty sure it’s Deunan Knute from Appleseed Ex Machina.

I’ve got a Vexille DVD somewhere hiding at the back of my collection. I remember almost nothing about it except for looking like an offbrand Appleseed and those weird scrap metal sand worms called ‘Jagz’ or something


Yeah, the song was from Appleseed Ex Machina.




I always like Health’s sound but this is the song of theirs I really get into. I wish I could hear more tracks with a pause that intense. A thread for just meaningful pauses in music could be really cool

Warning: Spooky video from Eric Wareheim


suddenly felt like listening to this album again, and man, i just love that song.
also, HEALTH rocks, thanks for linking them!