Your song of the moment


cause its a song about video games



About 6 years ago I tried listening to the album Rubies by Destroyer and couldn’t get into it. Today I read that the amazing Prefab Sprout album Jordan: The Comeback was a major influence on Destroyer’s album Kaputt so I checked it out.


It has the shimmery jazzy sound of the best overly sincere, dorky 80’s art pop, but with a sleazy edge I’ve never heard in music like this. I’m super impressed by this whole album.


yeah it’s my favourite destroyer record easily


I’m kind of flipping out about it. Reminds me a lot of The Blue Nile’s A Walk Across the Rooftops, another favorite.


While I’m spamming this thread… I spent a lot of my workday today bumping this song from Prefab Sprout’s first album. Love the lyrics.

Oh Anne Garland, you can’t call this heartbeat a man.
Too sad? You bet.
We’re all caught in history’s web.
But don’t cry too soon.
You might as well fall in love with the moon.
Oh Anne Garland, we win or we lose at his hand.



Swoon is fucking it


Kaputt is wonderful. i can’t stand any other Destroyer albums.



I have no idea what this is but it is extremely good


bo en rules!!



its future season baby. get ready to be buried in earth’s most immaculate autotune landslide



after that daft punk vid, slowly catching up, only two years old now is this one:


is there an emoji for “a dog but sad”



well, this is good


this music video is ace combat 8