Your song of the moment


The Triple Language (Japanese, Korean, English) word play and crossover is impressive.

Like I don’t like this song but I feel like I need to learn Korean right now because we are all gonna be singing it in 10 years.


it’s 2019 and I can’t believe this shit is 10 years old


they’re already invading western shores, see e. g. this mash-up

that happened late last year. It is just a question of time until the third gen boy/girl-groups are tailored to international audiences’ tastes, and seeing the rate how hallyu-groups are gaining traction in the US or yurop, this will happen sooner than i’dhave thought.
e. g. BTS may well be a prototype that’ll be copied, considering that a documentary about them has been shown in the local cinema here, and there’ll be another screening of a new tour soon. Nobody even remembers Super Junior anymore, so I guess that in two to three iterations, they should have found out what works even here.
Question is how long these iterations will be!






don’t ask me how i found this band, because i won’t tell you


I happened across them some time back being familiar with the old manga :tloz_fairy:

Maybe a similar story :joy_cat:


Love how jangly this song about oil spills in the ocean is.

also because i love la roux

:heart_eyes::heartbeat: i had a huge crush on her from like, 2009 to 2014.



where does this teenage romance meet the jaded singles game



(too bad about that crap drum tone but oh well)



I love this bside so much

I hope he revisits it on the new record this year, not enough people have heard it even by their standards




The composer has a couple of now hard to find Rock Albums.


Turn, turn on the video
Can’t play on the radio
Turn off reality
Bring, bring out the worst in me

this predicted so much


but why is he dressed like a nazi