Xanathar's Guide to Cleavin' a Goblin Clean in Twain (feat. D&D)


Size: 6 ft Wholesale


Come on down to Crazy Grimgar’s Big & Tall Armor Showroom


Oh! No, purchase price stays the same. The whole point is that there’s no such thing as “off the rack” armor (at least not armor that involves a lot of steel), so the fitting cost is included in the PHB listed price. I didn’t realize one could interpret the written rule that way! This is why I posted it though, for playtesting/editing.

If someone wants to actually try playing with these rules… you know… that would be cool… …


nine million ogres in the world and I had to kill one with feet smaller than my sister


There’s no such thing as Ready to Wear in a medieval fantasy world. Any time you buy armor or clothing in D&D, your armourer is adjusting it to fit your body and thats just baked into the price. The use case here is 100% for situations where the armor you already have isn’t available for some reason.


large adult chainmail


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Mail is acceptable also. Maille is just the french word. Might as well insist on meiru


When you use “maille” while otherwise writing English you signal that you’re defintely not talking about a letter you recieved via post.



give them a magic tunic to wear but tell them the only downside is it fits like you owned it in highschool


Where are all the magic turtlenecks


+1 cravat


What is the best wizard school. It looks like Abjuration but is it Abjuration?