World Cup Starts Tomorrow


The (Women’s) World Cup starts tomorrow why the eff isn’t there a thread

also read this:

I don’t know much about soccer!! But I love this gosh dang world cup!!! It’s pretty much the only time I pay attention to a sport other than American Football!!!

The opening match is France and Korea at 2 PM Central. Here’s a full dang schedule!!

(Should correct to your time zone)

I feel like pitting Jamaica against Brazil is just cruelty, but I’m honestly not sure how good Brazil’s team is considering the disparity in skill between the US team and their male counterparts (The women are better).

I want Jamaica to win everything!! US would be a nice second, or maybe Japan because they were a fun team, at least in the last two cups.

side note: women’s world cup 2011 is when i first watched an entire soccer match, and it was the final between Japan and the US. I watched it in an almost entirely empty “Irish” pub in the university district in Seattle with my wife and sister. We had like 3 pitchers of Mac and Jacks and it ruled.

Anyway! Let’s talk about this World Cup!!! What games are you going to watch? Who do you want to win? What are, like, things people talk about re: soccer??


this kit is absolutely amazing

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Ohhh, cool! I don’t even know if I have the channels that broadcast this here but I’ll give it a look tomorrow. I always liked Germany but I’d be happy for the US or Japan too!


Well it’s halftime and France is 3-0. Should be 4-0, that offsides call was remarkably bullshit. Korea is totally overwhelmed!!

Renard is amazing and also very tall