Who's playin Fantasy Life Online???

It’s good! I think?

I was afraid it was going to be a nongame but it’s practically a copy of the 3DS game down to the crafting mechanics, combat, music, characters, items, etc. It’s exactly what i wanted: an excuse to play Fantasy Life again.

Also they’ve attached a bunch of gacha mechanics, most of which i find utterly baffling. Build a village, get a bunch of characters, a bunch of wacky equipment, complete coop quests, stuff like that. But so far the game is soooo easy that i haven’t had to really engage more than i want to. It’s just cute additional shit for me.

The translation was clearly done on the cheap but i kind of appreciate that. It’s goofy.

This 100% is not true btw

Here’s my little village

And here’s me:

Add me!


ill dl it when i get my phone


I’m glad you posted pictures because all this time every time I’ve seen the name Fantasy Life Online I thought people had suddenly become really interested in the old canceled Xbox game True Fantasy Live Online (which was also by Level-5, interestingly enough.)


Not to pick on the translation but I love the guileless marketing here


just want to update this thread with an answer to the question, which is

“Not me!!”