What're you readin'



I think it was just that for awhile, everything became a dune thread, and certain SB people were always on board for talking about dune.


I started reading Racecraft yesterday and goddamn there is a lot to think about in this book.


This is hugely interesting to me


He releases three novels a year and some of them are around thirty pages. There’s one about a Kaiju being killed in portland and then its giant toxic rotting corpse amd the filth it leaves behind.

Then there’s Bio Melt, which is pitched as novel version of 80’s melt movies.

The whole Bizarre Fiction movement was meant to be novel versions of 80’s splatterpunk and gore movies that take place in worlds full of filth and trash and every novel i’ve read besides this guys are awful




bizarro fiction is deeply boring

its wacky ‘john dies at the end’ shit

I mean, ‘john dies at the end’ is literally the most famous part of the genre

Its all amateurish “campaign notes from my gurps horror game” writing


Yeah! I mean, a lot of these writers seem to forget that the important part of movies like Society or old Splatterpunk stuff was the skill behind the visual effects and how they were used.

When you’re trying to be the literary equivalent of Screaming Mad George, there’s a lot that gets lost in translation. Also some of these guys just…can’t write a story.

I am going back to reading books about lazy dudes that smoke weed all day.


I’ve always felt very stupid and incomplete by knowing virtually nothing of Greek Mythology. So I recently read The Library of Greek Mythology by a certain Pseudo-Apollodorus. Finished that and still feel pretty hollow so I’m going back M. R. James. Maybe Sheridan Le Fanu, I’ve never read The House by the Churchyard. People really praise that book so I’ll give it a shot.
I also got a 100 pages into Romance of Three Kingdoms before someone showed me this 2010 series they did about the novel. Dropped the novel even though it would be faster to read it than watching the 95 nearly a hour long episodes of the series. But damn it, it’s so cool.


yeah but like

john dies at the end is good though


What I’ll be readin’ in a few months time, I guess


refuse to acknowledge this garbage kickstarter that does not have a “just change McReady’s name to Doc Savage YES it was fanfic all along FINE it’s OFFICIAL NOW” stretch goal




turns out he stabbed them cause they kept telling him the endings to books he was reading


i guess im on a bit of an anne carson kick again. enjoyed this LRB piece and now enjoying the autobiography of red a lot more than i ever thought i wld


John Dies at the End is good. The joke in it is that the most honorable, moral character is mischaracterized by the protagonist as a selfish dipshit sidekick the whole way through. Any outside observer quickly realizes the protagonist is the selfish dipshit sidekick. Lots of dorks reading the book didn’t even notice because they identify so strongly with his white-guy anger issues and inability to deal with stress and other people. You’re going through essentially a typical action movie but seeing in first person just how craven and sad the snarky wise-cracking asocialite has to be to act like that


i just started “tell them of battles, kings, and elephants” by matthias enard. it’s about michelangelo taking a trip to constantinople to design a bridge there. really interesting so far, and it’s like less than 150 pages so i should be done pretty soon. recommended? probably? i always meant to read “zone” by the same guy, which is a much longer novel where the gimmick is it’s mostly written as a single sentence, but this new one seemed like a better place to start.


i wish i had the vision and the rigour to read anne boyer’s a handbook of disappointed fates with the attention it deserves, alongside wendy trevino’s cruel fictions. m archive by alexis pauline gumbs and lo terciaro by raquel salas rivera are the two other big interesting projects i wish i had the space to fully engage with, and they cld be on the same curriculum. poetry and the world. what gives?

i would recommend these two poems tho: NO & QUESTIONS FOR POETS. Have to quit my job & ride coaches & read lots of poetry


I’ve started reading Lazarillo de Tormes

Seems good so far.