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Weirdly enough, I’ve been really sucked into Morph Club recently after having it name-dropped by a fan-artist I like. The two gals that host it are theeeeee cutest and generally have really fun dorky discussions about each book as they work their way through.

One of the two is Carey Pietsch, who draws like the Adventure Zone comic and some other AZ stuff earlier on, and another is Megan Brennan who I think is also an artist, but more importantly, wrote an absolute shitload of Animorphs fanfiction back when she was a teen that comes up a lot in the show.

Neither of them ever finished the series, so, it’s going to be delightful seeing how the react to the insanely bleak ending.

Also: That fanartist does the greatest alternate-universe character concept for Aftran 942, where she took a human morph instead of a whale. It is adorable:


I love Morph Club! That podcast is actually what prompted me to reread Animorphs. I’ve been keeping pace with the show. I’m halfway through their episode on the final book and it’s great. I love their totally genuine, emotional reactions and their effusive affection for the characters and the goofy tropes the series employs.

I’m sad that the podcast is ending, but they’ve promised to do another podcast together in the future.

Love that Aftran art, that rules. Apparently Scholastic is planning to release an Animorphs graphic novel some time soon. I can’t wait, I hope it’s good.


Also, my girlfriend got me the best birthday present this year. She used to work at a book store in Tiburon, CA that K.A. Applegate occasionally visits. She borrowed my copy of the final Animorphs book from when I was a kid and left it with a coworker there, who got Applegate to sign it for me on one of her visits.

I’m so dorkily proud. So many people talk shit about the final Animorphs book, I hope she took this as a compliment on it.

BTW, can a mod please split these posts into an Animorphs thread?


Oh my god that rules. You are theeee luckiest bastard.

Yeah I haven’t been this taken with a duo of podcasters in a while. You’re right, they’re just very genuine in their excitement and it’s a delight to listen to. I’m definitely in for whatever they do next.


A pic from my old flip phone from about 3 555562_10152031778760713_746765399_nyears ago. I was sorting some things in my mom’s attic.


well I’m excited


It came after a name change so it might not be immediately clear that Hilda wrote all-time classic The Sword in Anglo-Saxon England so one has to get hype, etc.



toni cade bambara’s the salt eaters is mostly just making me feel bad about work. it’s v good


I am reading The Lathe Of Heaven. I’ve just started.


i was going to read some bizarro fiction but itnturns out its mostly just gorepunk written by rednecks


What did you expect?


Nothing, honestly!


It looks like Carlton Mellick III may be the only guy making anything interesting in the genre, and he’s basically like a body horror fetishist version of Chuck Tingle in terms of output.

I hate B-movie aficianados.


Knausgaard 6 is so much worse than the prior five volumes I put it down before I even got to the really stupid part

However the new Sally Rooney is even better than last year’s so that’s something, just a bolt to a boarded up part of my heart.

Really enjoyed the new Amitava Kumar too, it’s like a much more interesting and less obviously laudable Junot Diaz

re some of the other stuff in this thread since I’ve never posted in it:

Jitterbug Perfume is tons of fun and probably the best Robbins (I certainly wouldn’t read more than a couple), I read it at 18 and loved it

The best Vonnegut is, hands down, God Bless You Mr. Rosewater. Also probably my favourite book about postwar American society, honestly. He repeats himself a lot otherwise and his 70s and 80s stuff in particular is pretty bitter and dire.

w/r/t Russian literature, I’ve never read War and Peace but Anna Karenina is great for what I’ve always assumed to be similar reasons and if you love Notes From Underground it’s more or less the Crying of Our Lot 49 relative to a lot of Dostoevsky’s bigger minor works like The Idiot or The Double. I don’t like Crime and Punishment or Karamazov nearly as much, his moralizing is far less interesting than his panicking. Elif Batuman’s The Idiot is also great.

I liked Dune a lot better than The Dispossed but I read one of them at 17 and enjoyed it primarily for its expansiveness (I can certainly understand the criticism that a lot of the exoticism is fairly cheap) and the other at 28 and found it too obvious.


what else, um

Paul Beatty’s The Sellout was probably the best and funniest book I’ve ever read about American Blackness, if you like Atlanta at all I can’t recommend it highly enough

new Moshfegh was good, she rules. I can’t think of another contemporary female writer who’s as immediately digestible to the lonely affectless Auster set, and she’s much better spirited.

Hari Kunzru’s White Tears was angry and brutal and excellent


I’m reading Dune right now. I’m maybe 1/4th through it and I’m honestly enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would. The worldbuilding is nifty, and I like all the stuff about hyper-talented empath spies who seed mythologies around the galaxy with little prophesies they can later capitalize on.


is this a good time to ask for the origin of the No Dune Threads meme?


I was wondering about that too, because… I was considering making one.