Virtual Hydlide


Wish I understood what was going on here.

I have RetroPie on my Raspberry Pi, I think that runs ReteoArch?

I can’t see my Pi having the juice for Saturn games, it can barely handle Nintendo 64.


I’m honestly surprised Raspberry Pi is considered viable next to ‘plug a laptop into a TV with an HDMI cord’ which is a heck of a lot easier to set up and something a lot more people have the means to do.

Anyway, all you have to do is download the Beetle Saturn core from within Retroarch’s ‘Online Updater’ menu, then find the two BIOS files you need: sega_101.bin & mpr-17933.bin, and place them in the ‘system’ folder in Retroarch. Then find the game and see if it works.

If you’re having issues I can put up a link to a Windows setup of Retroarch with VH ready to go.


My laptop and my Pi are about on par spec-wise.

We used to hook up a laptop to our TV for watching shows and it was annoying as fuck. Don’t discount the appeal of having a little dedicated box that you can control from the couch without having to get up to futz with cables.

Guess I’ll look into whether anything I have can run RetroArch + Saturn… doesn’t seem to be any recommended system specs anywhere.


A pi is thirty bucks and a laptop is at least $200, probably more. And while installation was a bit of an ordeal, using the thing has given me less trouble than the equivalent software has on PC, so I think it’s pretty handy.


So you would say it’s easy?


Easy to use after setup. And if I knew exactly what I was getting into I could set it up in an hour now.

Easy setup is being a little generous, but I didn’t have any huge problems. Plus, the web made it really easy to answer any questions I had about it.

I should clarify that I’m pretty comfortable with setting up computers and and everdrive stuff though. It might be more confusing and stressful for other folks.

That said I think having one of these at bumpass would have smoothed over a lot of issues with setting up roms. And it’s got fantastic controller compatibility with essentially no setup.


Tore apart my place looking for my disc among my storage stuff, and no luck. I’m worried I might have given it away at some point when I was feeling less nostalgic.

Emulation is looking to be infeasible with my current hardware, and besides, I wanna play it on a TV with my Saturn controller. Guess I have to try finding a US-region disc?


You can get an action replay plus for less than a copy of Virtual Hydlide. And it’s a bit of a pain, but you can flash an Action Replay Plus to let you run burned Saturn discs.

And even without flashing it, it will let you use imported discs which tend to be way cheaper.


I need to look into this.


yes!! as mentioned earlier Goblet Grotto was direct Virtual Hydlide fansequel, ever since I saw this game I was enamoured by videos of people slowly waddling around and hitting things in like what looked like the strange ramshackle videogame reconstruction of an unconvincing live action movie adaptation of some separate unseen fantasy property, just accumulated layers of distortion and noise piling up to make something with its own weird empty tone. sort of like street fighter the movie the game or guardian war which is my other favourite inscrutable multimedia collage rpg.

it’s funny also since from what I’ve seen of the other hydlide games they seem to have more of a phantasy star type relaxed cartoony tone - so I wonder if the more ominous quality of this one is something that was driven by wanting to play on the more alienating nature of compressed, noisy phototextures… I mean probably not but i’m always sort of curious about the extent to which being more able to use photocollage, live action, fmv etc made developers consciously feel like they had to step up and create more “mature” feeling work to keep pace with the technology.


you’ve seen the dragonstrike instructional tape, right?


A Virtual Hydlide speedrun is scheduled in the early morning hours Thursday on AGDQ.




during the Awful Games Block, between Avoid the Noid and Urban Yeti


I feel attacked by this scheduling.


I feel like being in the same block as Urban Yeti is an honor.

Being after Avoid the Noid though? That’s a deep insult.


Couldn’t be avoided.





Sweet, thanks!