violence club 2k19 the return of violence, wednesday, 30 january 2019, 18:00 pst / 21:00 est


Youtube movies added a buncha free shit so tonight I’m going to watch Rocky at 9PM EST at with maybe a joshi wrestling match at 8:30ish


Step into the ring, coward


We’re gonna watch Columbo.



(Update, we pushed this back a week because of thanksgiving travel)

Hey folks it’s been a hot minute since Nocode and I ran one of these things SO I HOPE YOU’RE READY

Nocode and I selected two possible movies to show at Bumpass. For reasons, there was no chance to show either. So this Wednesday, prepare for a double barrel violence explosion of trash cinema.


A cinematic cult classic that became a cult classic just a few years ago. Written directed, produced by, financed and starring Y.K. Kim, a real life honest to god Taekwondo Master. It follows the story of a house of adult orphans who practice Taekwondo and play in the coolest rock band in history, Dragon Sound. Our intrepid band mates and friends must face off against an army of ninjas selling drugs in Miami.

Will Dragon Sound be able to rise above the Ninja menace? Will any of them be able to find their lost family? Be there for the Miami Connection!

Content Rating: WV for Wholesome Violence
This movie is incredibly violent. But that’s all it is, just violent. Extremely graphic violence but otherwise is pretty much above board. Watch away.



A porn director decides to leave porn behind for a feature sure to get you hot and bothered….from the action.
Someone unleashes a fuckton of snakes on Hawaii. Pretty much every woman is topless for the majority of the film. There’s a bit where a Frisbee kills a dude. Rocket launchers and blow-up dolls feature pretty heavily into another scene. This somehow all fits together. How? Well I’ll be finding out with you!

Content Warning: It was directed by a porno director. There’s homophobia, transphobia, tons of violence, tons of nudity, and I think at least one scene of attempted sexual assault. I haven’t screened this, but it’s fair to say that while this isn’t on the level of say, Street Trash, in content, it’s definitely going to have some dubious parts. Be aware

Shit’s going to get nuts at 6pst/9est, Wednesday, 11/28/2018.

Hope to see you there!


Like, this Wednesday? Tomorrow Wednesday? The busiest travel day in the United States Wednesday?


You could phrase it that way, yes. That is something to consider for sure. I’ll figure it out tonight.


The cabal of violence agreed to push it back. It will now be on Wednesday the 28th


Street Trash wasn’t as shocking! as I was led to believe. It was mostly… trash cinema. I know Hard Ticket to Hawaii from youtube clips of the aforementioned rocket launcher and frisbee scenes… they might as well be the only notable moments of the film for all I know!


The best part of this movie is that one dude in it looks kinda like Olympic swimmer bro Michael Phelps, and so when he eventually does his thing, it was just Michael Phelps doing that thing and that was good. I might have to actually try to be at this one, though my bedtime is like 10 usually argh.




Wednesday I should be able to do! I’m excited


I love Miami Connection and I’m very intrigued about the other film. I’ll try to be there!


We’re going to watch some Columbo in a bit if anyone wants to join us. Plus I’ll be mixing in some terrifying children’s media too:


Columbo’s imminent, watch Leonard Nemoy do a murder:


Last week was the day before Thanksgiving, so we pushed the HARD HITTING, ULTRA VIOLENT, WEDNESDAY MADNESS TO…



This is going to be a blood soaked double feature of Miami Connection and Hard Ticket to Hawaii. If you want the full deets on either of those, I invite you to scroll back up to my hype post.

Join us for the EXPLOSIVE ACTION and ROCKING MUSIC tomorrow, Wednesday, November 28th, at 6pst/9est in the Select Button Gaywatch, right here:

IT’S GOING TO BE GREAT, see you there!


Oh fuck very good flicks


Guess what? In twenty minutes, the mayhem begins. Log on at 6pst/9est here



I’m going to screen the very good movie haywire (the movie with the best fonts in the game) on

~wednesday, 30 january 2019 at 18:00 pst / 21:00 est (i.e. our standard vclub time slot)~

bc my friend @Khan hasn’t seen it and I feel that since it’s in my power to fix this, I should.

For our second feature I’m showing the dumb comedic wuxia handsome siblings, which I downloaded on a whim cause it stars brigitte lin (chung king express) as a badass androgyne. Also stars professional cool guy andy lau (as tears go by, house of flying daggers)! I don’t think this is a great movie but it has some great parts. I also don’t think it’s a bad movie!

~huge cw warning on handsome siblings for rape and sexual assault played for comedy~


I’ve learned at this point that I can get away with anything at work so fuck it I’ll tune in on my shift!