violence club 2k19 the return of violence, wednesday, 30 january 2019, 18:00 pst / 21:00 est


That was excellent!


I also have next week off and had a great time with this so uhhh would maybe like a day to show y’all BAD TIMES IN YOKOHAMA double feature

A Flame On The Pier
The Most Terrible Time In My Life


here’s the bumper thingies I made for anyone who missed out



then and now

photo from the set of “a post-apocalyptic gangster thriller set in a snowed-in Hong Kong,” Sons of the Neon Night.


parker why did you have to do this, on this day of all days


because it’s my least favorite day out of the year


Daaaamn son, first picture is “life goals” of I’ve ever seen any. What a hunk

I’m closer to second pic now but still nowhere near as cool


Uhhh, happy birthday, maybe??


Hi y’all I do not want to step on anyones toes re:planned watched parties so someone tell me if this is a desirable idea or I should go climb into a hole and fill it with cement.

Neither film has much violence outside of violence of the soul and how the gears of life will grind you into dust.


I’m not aware of anything. I’ll check with folks but I bet it’ll be ok.


Yeah go for it. Feel free to message me if you need help setting up anything in Cytube!






In one hour come for my currated tour of yokohama.






i’m with a bible study group spreading the word of jesus.


About the films

A Flame On The Pier

The film tackles Unionization, the scars of WW2, masculinity, the role of women in Japanese society, how the rich are the real bastards and crush as all and more. Sabu’s boss is just as much a victim of the system. We spent a lot of time showing the vapid rich assholes sitting around doing nothing. Sabu despite being under his Boss’s care for 10 years regularly doesn’t have enough to eat.

It uses the images of the Yakuza to show corporations are the real monsters crushing the little man.

Meanwhile Yuki is a weird complex character who knows Sabu’s a bastard and doesn’t seem to care. She also has a long term fuckboi friend that is also involved in the Unionizing.

It’s also shot beautifully with these moments of silence and natural sound that only bring further weight to the scene.

Then I gotta talk about how 60s japanese films always had an accompanying single. You didn’t have dvds or vhs or home releases. The only long tail thing you had was next month’s film with the same actors or the single. To advertise the single in the film you had to well sing the songs. So this film has two normal songs and then…that scene.

The Most Terrible Time In My Life

Part one of the Hama Maiku trilogy. Each film is of a different genre and this was taken further when after the films they did a 11 episode TV show where each episode had a different director.

Steal this film the only western release was shown tonight and it is of horrendous quality. It is maybe the best Hama Maiku thing, but I do love the whole series. If only because his outfits only get more and more outrageous.


And here’s some version of the speech I had to give in front of 300 people studying the Japanese language last year.

二年前アメリカにHULUで面白い映画を見ました。きょうはその映画のはなしをします。この映画の名前は「涙をししのたて髪に」です。 かんとくの名前はしのだまさひろです。この映画は1962年に公開されました。 古いですね。

60年代にはたくさんヤクザの映画が作られました。これらの映画は男向けのえいがです。ちゅせいとうらぎりが一番のテーマです。 きもちが関係ねい。だいたい日本の映画に出てくる女のキャラクターは目的じゃありません。女のキャラは男のしょゆうぶつです。

でもしのだ監督の映画はちがいます。 女のキャラクターが本当の人なんです。夢があるし、やる気があります。






Man I am sad that I missed this and I still need to watch A Flame on the Pier.