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lady terminator reminded me of this cover


Lady Terminator is my wife




This should be editable so add your recommendations here or just post them in the thread


Deadbeat at Dawn is super low-budget and has a major character that everyone just calls bonecrusher (who delivers maybe the best monologue i’ve ever seen in a movie) so that would fit on the list imo. i’m pretty sure its relatively easy to find. it has real stunts and fake blood.


i also love The Spook Who Sat By The Door, which manages to completely live up to its amazing premise, and Vice Squad, one of the sleaziest things I’ve ever seen


I added something and also editorialized on something in my adding of something 8)


After some words from our sponsors, we’ll be watching The Odd One Dies (1997), credited to Patrick Yau but ghost directed by Johnnie To. Takeshi Kaneshiro plays an aggressive aimless wild man who, on account of some contract killing hijinks, crosses paths with a girl with filthy hair whose hung up on an ex-fella of hers. You’ve never seen anything like this as long as you’ve never seen Wong Kar-wai’s Fallen Angels. This is the destiny of rascals.


Then, after a brief intermission, we’ll have the closest thing to Dog Days: The Motion Picture there is, Long Arm of the Law (1984), by Johnny Mak. Some mainlander ex-PLA vets sneak into hong kong in the hopes of heisting a quick score and getting out in 48 hours. Just one weekend to make as much money as they’d currently make working for the next 100 years. We’ll find out if everything goes according to plan and works out smoothly, or if it’s just one disaster after another by some bad men on the way to crime hell.

This is the director’s only movie. the script is written by the guy who was chow yun-fat’s boss in hard boiled. sammo hung produced it and worked on stunts. this and van damme’s bloodsport are the only movies to have filmed in the kowloon walled city.

here’s some homework if you’d like more context for the movie’s story

sorry, it’s two subtitled movies which means having to pay more attention to the stream to know what’s going on, and I gotta tell you these aren’t the best subtitles. luckily, long arm has a universal story that transcends language and odd one has a main character that’s mute for the first third of the movie anyway

Games You Played Today Classic Mini

iirc Brothers from the Walled City was also filmed inside kowloon walled city

it’s directed by Lam Ngai Kai who also did the infamous Story of Ricky


a blog post about the walled city I found while looking up long arm mentioned that movie but said this


That’s interesting! Long Arm of the Law does sound pretty good.


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The Odd One Dies and Long Arm of the Law, those titles really just sum life up don’t it. Find out the mysteries of existence tonight an hour from now in


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