Video Game Music Thread


The Japanese version of Bio Metal has such a radical OST. That II Unlimited shit they replaced it with in the U.S. version is a fucking travesty.


did not expect to hear these chords in a farming game.


This song has been inspiring me a lot lately, its so energetic and happy and i love it


it’s my favorite daytona track



I hate now that I accidentally upload paraody OSTs from SilvaGunner before actually listening to the song


I mostly feel the Mother 3 soundtrack is lousy compared to the first two games, but I really love what they did with the Mr. Saturn theme:

It really captures the Mr.-Saturns-conducting-secret-ops-under-military-occupation vibe.


this song is weird, its like a lot of notes are very slightly off-beat and the drum samples are running slightly too fast and it all ends up giving me slow emulator vibes. like i’m playing on a ds emulator in 2007 and innately anticipating that the music tempo is suddenly gonna tank as a single 3d polygon appears


I didn’t realize that I kinda dig SF4’s soundtrack because I’ve heard it for hundreds of hours

So much cheesy 2000’s drum n bass


by the way, Overload is out


how to go to hell and summon demons:

step 1. download every midi on and put them into a big winamp playlist
step 2. download virtualmidisynth
step 3. download the crash bandicoot soundfont, put it in virtualmidisynth
step 4. set midi device to virtualmidisynth in winamp
step 5. play your midi playlist on shuffle


gamecube-era sonic team stuff was so unique and good


how did I miss this post

not saying this isn’t cool, it is, but the final game has a bunch more hot jams



ragnarok battle offline was great all around

even if everything was kind of an hp sponge



come for that juicy 90s house piano, stay because 0:47 took you somewhere you never want to leave

Edit: God DAMMIT this song friggen RULES, jesus christ



I’m serious. Just listen. Give it more than 30 seconds of your time, and this track will give back.

If you had presented this song to me before I ever heard it, and told me it was from a Final Fantasy game, I’d have called you a liar right to your face. It has as much in common with the rest of the FF musical canon as a ham sandwich does with a fighter jet.

It’s cool. I don’t mean to say that other FF songs aren’t cool or whatever, but this track is COOL. It sounds like motorcycles and neon at night. Like the lights of the city sliding off your sunglasses as you ride the elevated ring road along the coast. Like you’ve got somewhere to be and a reason to get there. Like you’re about to do something that’s gonna land you in jail.


Somewhere in the fog, drifting and angelic.