Video Game Music Thread



This is the first time I’ve realised how insane the panning is in this tune




This’d be in the Share Your Own Music thread but WUAAAGGHHH

Long ago, I made a stupid hypermasculine rap song over that ridiculously bumpin track.





I rotate highlights from XIII’s soundtrack now and then, remembering among all that garish ish, it had its beautiful bits. I can’t even remember Snow’s characterization that well beyond being a good spirited tough goof and his ties to Serah then Lightning. But there was something to like about the dude, after Fang and typically Sazh.


His incompetent ‘plucky hero’ schtick got a lot of people killed and he didn’t even feel bad about it, is most of it


How many FF heroes have been some sorta terrorist???


Most of the music in the remake of La Mulana is better than the original MSX-like, but I have a real soft spot for the original Wonder of the Wonder (Confusion Gate music). I think it nails the mysterious nature of it a lot better than the more bombastic remake.


I’ve been listening to this on repeat for a couple days now


it’s time to SURF THE INTERNET


So blatant, so direct, so ket shee catchy!


One of the most transformative last boss musics.




I think this may be my favorite song from that game. It has a nice tension to it and goes a lot of different places as it progresses:

And totally unrelated, but I never tire of this:


This song from Pipe Dream/Pipe Mania has always stuck with me. Especially the part from about 0:35 to 0:50. I hadn’t heard it in more than twenty years before tonight, when I pulled the game up in an emulator.

I went looking for arrangements, and found this organ one (which is fitting).


I never knew there was a Mega Drive version of Robo Warrior.

it’s fun to hear a different version of the music, but I’m still partial to the NES sound.

There is also an arrangement of this song in the second Kororinpa game.