Video Game Music Thread



Whenever I’d play Cruis’n USA (which was usually just with friends, because I thought it was a terrible game), I’d always insist on this track when I played. My ‘friends’ gave me shit for it, though, because they said it sounded too country.

When I would relent and play another track:

They just said it was worse! Motherfuckers, it’s not my fault you can’t feel the jam! It’s my house, my N64, my copy of Cruis’n USA, and my goddamn turn. I’ll bluegrass boogie or deadwood ride if I want to.

The arcade version is pretty rad. That twang feels so correct.

Ohh shiiit, and this guitar solo

I really hated this one on the N64, but it sounds a bit better in the Arcade:

Also, Ultimate Card Games has radical chill music:




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just gonna keep going i guess since soyo oka is a genius



Let me just reply to this two year old post. FF6 is part of that era of games that could make me feel ways I didn’t think was possible and a huge part of that is the music. The whole credit sequence/roll in this game is absolutely unparalleled, tying all of the characters’ themes together as they each have their little moments. Always found it outstanding.


I was going to just post Phantom Dust, but here’s my favorite FFVI track:

Also, Phantom Dust has some amazing character names. My favorite is “pH”.




re: SNES music that makes us Feel Stuff:

i actually don’t care much for this game, but this pre-roll music justifies 100% of its existence to me



Secret of Mana’s soundtrack in general is so melancholy and wistful. it’s up there with things like Blaster Master area 5 and Ironsword stage 1.



Oh man, I never played the sequels but I loved the first NES Wizards & Warriors and that music was pretty memorable too:



so that the world might be mended


shiren 5 has the most needlessly hype music for a game of minesweeper