Video Game Music Thread



And we mustn’t forget upbeat pop songs about playing fighting games with the boys, or overclocking your PC. Matrimelee has the best stage themes & related animations.


Is Matrimelee fun?


@8128 Here’s that Homeworld soundtrack by Yes I was talking about. One of my favorite games, just based on atmosphere alone.

Here’s the story stuff in a movie, since RTS’ aren’t your thing:



It has come to my attention that Vandal Hearts and its sequel have two of the best game soundtracks ever and I kinda can’t believe I’ve never heard/seen anyone mention them before

First game’s score might not impress as immediately as the sequel’s, whose ensembles tend to be fuller, but I think it is fairly remarkable as an orchestral score that’s predominantly wind-based. And synth brass usually are tied with solo violins for being the worst-sounding instrument in synthetic orchestras, but the horns here have a warm timbral quality like those used in the Capcom D&D titles, a good complement to the often thick chords

Both scores also have a penchant for ambitious rhythmic dynamics, enlivening some of the sparser tracks which would probably have less flavor were they in a conventional meter, and complex, exciting polyphony


Look all I am saying is if listening to this doesn’t make you want to do a goofy dance in your chair that maybe you should have your doctor check and see if you’re a serial killer


these are incredibly good


Back when it was possible for Koei’s videogames to have good music, and one by Yoko Kanno to boot. These are mostly live arrangements, but the in-game originals for at least the Sega Saturn release are pretty nice too. ‘The Chase ~ Ver. #1’ almost sounds like an F-Zero theme that didn’t make it.


Ripped, converted, and uploaded this to YouTube because it’s so rad. From Busin 0.


if you want the entire OST’s right here

also, unrelatedly

i didn’t realize how much gun hazard’s OST sounded like FF7’s until someone pointed it out, but just skipping it around you can really hear the Shinra styled themes all over


Or you can download it. I ripped it off the disc, should sound better than YouTube.

You can also get the OST on iTunes.


Someone found a way to reproduce the Mother 3 soundtrack without the crappy sound quality of the GBA and it sounds amazing. It’s not 100% perfect all the time due to minor emulation issues (I think the pitch bending is absent), but it’s still way better than standard rips of the soundtrack.



The first song from a post-2 Persona game I’ve liked. I’m using it as my alarm now (Battle for Survival has gotten too jarring to wake up to).


The Mega Man X password screen is the first time I remember starting a game just to listen to the music.


The Fantasy Zone shopping theme has been intermittently running through my head for as long as I can remember. Specifically, the Sega Master System version.

I remember being surprised to hear the same song in another game in the arcade. It was a cocktail table game that for years I thought was Destruction Derby but must have actually been Hot Rod.


They got some mileage out of it, all right.