Video Game Music Thread


Is there any place I can nab the entire soundtrack to Namachuukei 68?

BTW, here’s my fave cut…

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Oh! Also… I’ve had this song for years and have no idea what game it’s from. Am pretty sure it’s from a game… Does anyone recognize this?


niiiiice. that’s super chill. i want to know about this too

it’s like snes jrpg dungeon music with a hip hop beat?


looping this all night


Mona Pizza


playing FF6 for the first time recently and i couldnt stand Setzer until this part

like holy wow i am even getting a lil choked up listening to this rn. good shit.

however this is my actual favorite track from the game

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Huh. Was this soundtrack by Youji Takenouchi and/or Junya Nakano? That linked track sounds incredibly similar to their stuff for Golfing Greats 2/Pennant Race 2. EDIT: Ok, looks like Takenouchi at least had some involvement.


It should be reiterated just how good the Street Fighter EX soundtracks are.


Can this thread just be my full time job? thx


listen to the MOTHER 1 arranged/vocal album if you haven’t already


A thing I like to do every few years is to binge-read the entirety of Maison Ikkoku while looping the arranged version of Fallin’ Love

It’s kind of a life-changing experience the first time, and subsequent occurrences bring me back to that center

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Perfect music for having sex.

Some good ambiance on Hellnight, although only fans of extreme minimalism may get any audiological pleasure out of this:


Doom '16 soundtrack got released yesterday. New workout soundtrack for me.


can’t get this out of my head


stuck in my head today

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A lot of Castlevania tunage right now.

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Damn this song has such a nice vibe, kinda wistful too. Listened to it more than anything else this week. Top tier overworld/map theme.

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