Video Game Music Thread


Most peeps know BT’s Kimosabe from NFSU

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OMG this rules! This is deep in the vindiagram overlap between my love of eneergetic whimsy and crunchy FM

Holy shit this whole OST


MTV had a pretty interesting music mixing game on PSone. MTV Music Generator.


I wish MS would bring Kameo back

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y’all making me wanna play the shadow hearts games

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(n++ soundtrack)


The N++ soundtrack is so chill. I’m fond of this one:



dyad ost

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I’m such a David Kanaga fan, you might appreciate this if you haven’t seen it yet:


this is really cool. i’ve always thought of musicians as alchemists and it’s neat to see him apply those kinds of concepts to the way he creates. i’ve been meaning to go on his bandcamp to see what else he’s done so i guess my weekend is gonna be busy.

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His game, Oikospiel, is an implementation of these concepts of intense musical feedback for every friction (and also a modern labor/value interpretation of Tristram Shandy!). Highly recommended.

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gonna get this at some point
thank you!


I can’t watch well atm but skipping around for a minute, immediately thought of Elektroplankton! Not sure how relevant but looking forward to soaking this in later.


Yeah, that’s a good connection; music out of play