Video Game Music Thread


soyo oka


the people who made Daisenryu made a fantasy strategy game and, to capitalize on the monster collecting craze of the day, called it “Master of Monsters”, and all of the units are referred to as “Monsters” despite apparently just being typical strategy RPG class units (stuff like amazon, barbarian, witch, magician, et cetera). They all have alignments, though, and you likewise have an alignment, so that’s pretty cool. From what I can tell, there’s a Story mode, and then a mode for the people who are just here for the phase-based strategy battling. critics apparently hated it.


Hayato Matsuo and Hitoshi Sakimoto’s work on the Mega Drive game is stellar.






body is too similar to what you recently posted


The sax solo at the end of this is so dang delightful




mmm, yes.



this is incredible


I feel this ost is so underrated


All this Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2010, battle vibes pulsatin’ something fierce


oh no what is happeninggggg

(what is happening is that i am getting back on the horse)


my heart is filled with Opa-opa



idk why I’m playing mystic quest right now but the soundtrack is so good