Video Game Music Thread


(fuck yes)

this sounds like 1950’s concrete music SOPHIE


DEMENTO was and is such a great title for a vidcon


sample it loop it fuck it eat it


Ah hell yeah, that funky Gameboy shit:


Also, did you all know that LSD Dream Emulator’s soundtrack is a surprisingly competent 90’s IDM album that you only ever hear about 30 seconds of in-game?

Has a bonus “remixes” disk that includes work by Ken Ishii and Aphex Twin collaborator u-ziq. What the hell, man?


Osamu sato has a lot of cool music!


i listened to that remix album + early odd future and death grips in middle school


Is this Blue Monday by New Order?


some cool tracks from the last bible games (excluding part 1 because there’s only a single video with the entire ost no individual tracks)

(this one is just a rip off of the theme from a summer place, you can’t fool me)




Woah, that Wario Land 4 track is weird as hell. A lady greets you into the song like you’re entering a store. Eerie vocals that randomly fall away halfway through, weird backing vocals that sound like Ariel Pink and only show up once, and the whole thing sounds like you’re hearing it muffled through the walls. It slowly fades into a completely different song.

What the fuck, is the rest of the game’s music like this?


yessir, welcome to Nintendo’s back alley



really want to do an all-PS2 music mixtape


unh!! unh!! unh!!! what!!!




found this while going through soundtracks in hoot. love the “sleazy” sound it has.