Video Game Music Thread



this sounds like a Vengaboys track


this fucking slaps





(slow heavy frequency modulation music playing)


Fuck yeah dude


I love the DDP Dai Fukkatsu Black Label soundtrack so much.



I’ve been playing a TON of SEGA Ages Outrun on Switch. Which has me thirsting for Turbo Outrun because thats the version I played as a kid.




trap beats



people were talking about advance wars but i was late to the party so i’m just posting here

i get some very strong Comix Zone vibes from Advance Wars music.


wtf was even going on at hal


[Slow heavy metal music playing]


i don’t know why, but ocremix popped into my head. i was big into video game remixes in the early 00s, i spent a lot of time on ocremix downloading 3mb MP3s at 2kb/s in the middle of the night.

this was frequently in my huge “main” winamp playlist from 01 till like, probably 05. i just really like that goofy synth that’s jumping and whizzing around throughout the song.



(fuck yes)

this sounds like 1950’s concrete music SOPHIE