Video Game Music Thread


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I’m not sure how that would help you with the soundtrack though. I thought I could rip sleeping dogs’ soundtrack from the game disks but gave up pretty quickly once I realized I didn’t have a BD drive

Is it looped in game? I might look into grabbing a copy… and a BD drive…




Fucking hot




Wasn’t there another Opoona post here somewhere? I listened to it all this time and some of it really reminds me of PSO1.

Musashiden 2 has awesome music, it’s by the guys who did Final Fantasy X - Uematsu.





Yu-no is probably the greatest soundtrack ever, too bad the game itself looks real gross


you, a common plebian: (anything by bjork)
me, a cultured intellectual:


i keep getting this stuck in my head, specifically the part at 0:48 - 1:08… that part is pretty jamming.

uhh, here’s roll’s theme from MvC because it’s also jamming.

and the rockman battle and chase theme.


(yo i love that weird guitar jitter at the beginning that plays throughout)

man the rockman battle and chase OST is pretty wicked.



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The soundtrack is all around pretty solid. The game itself had a fairly limp story though.




The best Forza Motorsport intro for the best Forza Motorsport Game!

Am I the only one who prefers the US Gran Turismo intro song over the Japanese one?


there was an astro boy ccg involving suda51 and akira yamaoka that was both released and delisted last year. it was a weird cyberpunk take on osamu tezuka’s work, and i’m pretty sure i’m the only person who played it. anyways, yamaoka did some really sick music for it.


Appears to be related to D3? But I’ve never played either.


What the hell