Video Game Music Thread


I always liked the extra-dirty, beefy noise drum they use in these, too, especially as it cuts in at :56 in Bramble Blast


cool record



This song is still a favorite of mine.



Can Take Pancake


One day I’ll play this finally


Ancient ringtone



I love how Lo-Fi the Demon’s Souls soundtrack is.

This one really creeped me out in the best way.






Since Majin Tensei II: Spiral Nemesis is in english now, here are some of my favorite tracks from it. The soundtrack is by two of the four people who did Revelations: Persona’s OST (Hidehito Aoki (lead composer for both Majin Tenseis and Revelations) and Misaki Okibe). Hidehito Aoki was lead composer for this as well as Revelations: Persona, and is responsible (along with Okibe) for the best tracks in Revelations. I heard he drove off of the side of a cliff.

i don’t really like this one so much, but it gives me some strong FFVIII vibes.


this entire soundtrack slaps tbh but I can never get enough of


I’m quite partial to Zazen Town


yes that is an all time classic too


Just listened to this - I thought the soundtrack was so so at the beginning but it keeps on getting better until the end and then it stops getting better.


Whoah, this is great! Another one of those “We wrote all this awesome music but don’t really want you to listen to it” things :frowning:

I think it’s better paced than Naoyuki Sato’s solo albums.


Hat trick :womans_hat: !!! The elebits OST reminded me of the graffiti kingdom 2 ost
representative track:

And unlike Elebits it’s available at list price on Amazon and stuff still, unfortunately no digital.


I traded my copy of elebits in and I feel like a fool