Video Game Music Thread


kaze no notam


I haven’t played Chrono Cross since it came out but the soundtrack is etched in my memory like maybe no other, there isn’t much else that makes me Stare Into The Distance Meaningfully like it.



Apparently Richard Jacques and T.J. Davis, the composer and singer of the glorious Sonic R soundtrack, got together again for Metropolis Street Racer on the Dreamcast. I had no idea there was a spiritual sequel to the Sonic R soundtrack! It’s not nearly as good and unfortunately it’s much less MDMA and much more cocaine, but I’m still enjoying a few songs.

But the best track I’ve heard from it so far is this instrumental:

Oh and this pretty chill night driving song with a totally preposterous but perfect panflute solo:


The Final Fantasy Dissidia NT soundtrack has more ska than I expected


they don’t do shit like this anymore, the custom faux-radio shit just really gets me going (fuck grand theft auto, that shit don’t count)



I just played Crowtel, a pleasant but janky little indie platformer with a super cute aesthetic. The best thing about it is the soundtrack:




pretty sure when the movie about my life comes out there’ll be a scene where the evil sorcerer tries to use his magic to peek into the inner workings of my mind, and all he’s going to get is




let them fulfill their final story


Post bangers!


Those ARE Solid Bangers


A bunch of Technouchi’s stuff is on bandcamp, super hype.

I can’t get enough of ChainDive’s soundtrack, never played the game of course.



That Scurge: Hive song holy shit! And that Pokken Tournament song as well! Great stuff!

Well now the club is closing, so it’s time to play something more laid back:

Most Deus Ex music is just cheating. What an amazing soundtrack!


Track 2 is so Ridge Racer it hurts!


i know that the Donkey Kong Land 2 soundtrack isn’t as Good as the original Donkey Kong Country 2 soundtrack (though diplo’s not here to fight me on this anymore so whatever mum) but the two-part harmonies are really something and there’s something so like, soulful about the Game Boy’s oscillators and weird warbly pseudo-portamento. i’ve learned from it the power of a slow-attack square wave but like, i feel like there’s a lot more going on here