Video Game Music Thread


heck yeah, the Tetrisphere soundtrack RULES



i remember jamming out to this in the desert with the volume on my neo geo pocket color at max and being told to turn it down.

you can’t silence the jam.


I’ve played them all, this is my favorite tune from the franchise.




Rad track from Evergrace II.


now this is the doublemusic I crave


Nobody had uploaded my favorite track from Ultimate Card Games, so I finally got around to it (after almost ten years of ‘meaning to get around to it’).


Love this goofy, 16-minute dance(?) track from Sharp X68k version of ☆MAGICAL BLOCK☆ CARAT. This is probably some gross H-game judging by the cover. I found this in HOOT a long time ago, but wound up only recording like, 8 minutes, assuming it was just looping at some point (which I think it is, but this guy says the 16 minutes isn’t a loop, so… :man_shrugging:)


this is fantastic


long lost sister of



For some reason this song is really special to me lately.


Marina and I randomly stumbled across this Switch version of a breakfast themed breakout phone game and damn the soundtrack owns


these have been popping into my head randomly the past couple of days


this is one of the only videogame soundtracks that i listen to like an album


when i was like… 13 or whatever, the triptych of teenage feels via video game music were shenmue, legend of mana, and chrono cross (until i played dream of the shore bordering another world to the point of feeling absolutely nothing).

secret of mana’s soundtrack is like aural pastels that i’ve never (heard) seen matched, though. it’s like if those mickey mouse balloons from disneyland were music, it’d be secret of mana’s soundtrack. (lucca’s theme is less pastel-y, but also has that disneyland balloon feel). are there any other soundtracks that actually sound like a nostalgic, pastel summer day?

oh! puck village from zwei!! kind of does.

especially when the goofy pan flute does its little outro and makes way for the goofy ass KORG harmonica that gets into it at ~1:23, fuuuck yeah. not as pastel-y as secret of mana, though.


Best track from Delta Rune imo.


Also worth posting this track for its sheer audacity, it cribs from Earthbound so hard: