Video Game Music Thread


Alcahest - Panakeian Temple is real good times.


two slightly different versions of the same song. elebits missions 25 & 26.
probably naoyuki sato:
game has other music, but it’s a lot more upbeat, jazzy, positive. these tunes have an odd, sinister tone. even the final boss theme puts in a hopeful piano bit.
whole ost recommended listening, or not.

not that it’s all gathered in one place anywhere. there’s YT playlists but they miss a track or two.
like, there’s this weird site:
but you won’t automatically move between tracks.
or this similar transcoding:
but the songs aren’t marked
also neither has the Japanese version of the theme song. Which is variously on Youtube, since it was in beatmania/Pop’n Music. Nice song, either way.

I’m not sure why: this post.
Long night.



Thread needs more Mechwarrior buttrock


I was just looking up Mog’s theme from FF6 and found this new theme:


The Longest Journey has a local bar in it and the jukebox is loaded with a few bassy chill out tracks. This one has a vocal element to it and I have always liked it a lot.


some wailing, saturn guitars

a tsukasa masuko-as-fuck dungeon theme

chilling in the ether


don’t fear the shinigami


Man someone super biting Danny Elfman & Nightmare Before Christmas


Has this been posted here before? Its a fun surprise.




Brouzoff gained!


I listen two nights now. CHUG. BLAST.

Beer in hand. CHUG. BLAST.


Voice Dictatin my ost needs


I don’t know if this counts, but in 1999, several video game composers got together to make an album of what they think music in the year 2197 might sound like. It’s mostly unremarkable, veering on god-awful at times (“Gumdrops”).

Hitoshi Sakimoto’s is my favorite, surprisingly (because I like exactly one Hitoshi Sakimoto OST):

This isn’t Hiroki Kikuta, but it might as well be:



Tim Follin was doing this sort of thing back in the Commodore 64 days, too. This one has always been a favorite of mine:



since i’m playing stella deus, here are my favorite tracks from the game: