Video Game Music Thread


its dj dracula baby… stay cool out there in satan’s wonderland baby…


totally rad Game Gear OST by one of the people responsible for Panzer Dragoon’s music.



I’ve meant to chop that Contact song into something for a while now, it’s so chill. Not sure I’ll ever go back and finish the game but of many things Earthbound-y, this kind of track is very.


i’ve only played a few hours. i loved a lot of the concepts, but didn’t really find the “click on something and auto-attack” gameplay very engaging, so i gave up, but that was my impression of it when it came out, i should probably give it another chance. i think i also took issue with your character only being able to consume so many items at a time and there being a digestion cool-down or something (which is probably something you can work around if you play intelligently rather than like some sort of potion fiend).

i feel like this is what we’d get if david byrne had composed a track for a DS game:


Contact is definitely not a great game but I found it to be charming in an era before every other game was riffing on EB.


Totally, one of the first things I can remember actually having that on its sleeve.

I was always curious where the plot goes between player and main character, as (you) the interactive contact are distinctly separate from the boy.



I’ve never played Uncharted Waters, have no idea what it even is or looks like or what system it’s for, I’ve only ever encountered it through its music on the internet; but it cannot be worthy of its soundtrack, because I can barely think of a game that would be.


Composer: Yoko Kanno


yeah I was gonna say

Kanno also did the soundtrack for Ragnarok Online 2



well idk if uncharted waters is good but it looks really cool and it originally went on my list of games I’d like to play if I played games like 20 years ago


Shit I missed this. This fucking kicks. This is like. The next evolution of Secret of Mana.


It’s really good, yeah. Sadly what I’ve heard of the rest of the RO2 soundtrack isn’t worth digging up. Real snoozers. Guess she used up all the unicorn blood or leprechaun cocaine or whatever fuels her powers on this one track and then phoned in the rest.


Funnily enough, the only real good track on the SoM OST is that guitar one you’re already thinking of so, even more appropriate


how are you even capable of being that wrong


ikr, everyone knows the only real good track is

shit fuckin’ cranks


the soundtrack for this game is deep sauce wild


Chart topping dissonant kecak banger, actually pretty good fit for a conventional dubstep remix

Of all the rich percussion heavy SoM tracks, I’ll probably never get enough of the following Meridian Dance (the bass is already tight but gets so funky at :55)


Some rad, non-Kirby stuff from somebody (Jun Ishikawa) who mostly does Kirby stuff: