Untitled Goose Thread

well then


If you train an AI on ten thousand Christmas carols, the goose kills Jesus and shakes the stars.

(From a weirdly unlinkable Janelle Shane tweet)


waddling back to see this tableau and wondering what the deal is before proceeding with the game made the final To Do reveal pretty amazing Gud Job Goose Makers


honestly kind of offended this got an IGF grand prize nomination when it’s just simplistic pretentious hitman

It was fun and sharing it with my friends was a joyful experience, I don’t really care that a game about murdering people had similar mechanics first


Getting to play as a goose makes it better than any and all hitmen


but it’s… less joyous and a less complete game in every way

it just makes me realize how little credit hitman gets

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“it’s like Hitman but better” and “it’s just Hitman but worse” are both weird takes

Goose Game can riff on Hitman and not also need to be an absurdly full-featured action stealth game. as a treat.


I’m pretty sure a large swath of the gaming public & media appreciate Hitman just fine and it’s not diminished by a little indie game winning some awards and becoming a meme on Twitter for a while. But don’t underestimate the value of a game being much more superficially silly (as opposed to Hitman which is also very silly but wears Serious Clothes) to increase the capacity for inspiring delight. It was a breath of fresh air even if its mechanics weren’t revolutionary.


absolutely, yeah, I just didn’t find it to be doing much of anything different – the puzzles are almost all more frustrating and less creative than hitman’s. I would be totally enthusiastic about different if there turned out to be anything there (I bought it on that expectation), I was just really underwhelmed.

(In The Loop public servant voice) but it’s Debussy

There are no Shot Right In The Fucking Face fail states in goose game.

You’re just this weird bird.

Everyone is (rightly) suspicious of you but the worst they do is chase you out of a space to soft reset shit.

The whole rhythm of play is different. It feels natural to push harder. Its cartoonishness feels whole. It’s slight and charming and slapstick. Sometimes you just want to steal a dude’s slippers and throw them in the fountain.


i just dont see why its in the IGF. why is a game as hugely successful as the goose game gunning for a 25k prize and a publishing deal

i mean this has been happening since minecraft won the IGF forever ago its just. it never stops being weird to me


I’ve never been clear on if the IGF is there to recognize excellence among indie games or to help out the strugglers. Seems like it’s awkwardly caught between the two

my perception has always been that they try to be eclectic enough in their selection that they don’t need to explicitly favour one or the other, but that doesn’t always work out

I don’t think there’s such a thing as a game award that I regard with even a tiny bit of validity

I mean, awards are problematic to begin with

Game awards especially so, imo

trying to be eclectic with the same five games in every category

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getting volunteer judges to go beyond the media they already consumed because it was already popular is a boulder, uphill